Playing Yatzy Online Is An Experience Unlike Any Other And Bwin Makes It Even Better!

There was a Canadian couple who loved this new game they invented and played it with their friends on a yacht. Subsequently, they even named it "The Yatch Game," because they played it on a yacht. Even their friends found the game interesting and wanted a set too. The couple, seeing that many of their friends were interested in a set of their own, approached a game entrepreneur to find out if he could help make a few professional sets of their game. The smart entrepreneur, who could smell a good deal from a mile away, understood the potential the game could have. He asked the couple to sell him the rights to their invention in return for 1000 game sets; and the couple did just that. That's how the story of Yatzy goes.

It is also said that in the beginning, the game did not attract much attention and the disappointed entrepreneur started promoting it in different ways. He also arranged parties and gave the game its new name, ?Yahtzee.? Slowly, he found that people loved it and it was very successful throughout the world.

This success was widespread and the game was played for many years in all parts of the world. Finally, just as the other games did, the Internet brought Yatzy online. Bwin introduced the game to its players and with millions of players in their kitty, the game never looked back. Bwin made this game very appealing and realistic to the online crowd, by using high-quality graphics and sounds.

Then there are the bonuses people loved. With a combination of quality and bonuses, Yatzy took off. The game is easy to play and the bets at Bwin are low but yield great returns. There are also jackpots associated with the game. And one of the biggest positives playing Yatzy at Bwin is that each game only has a restricted number of players, and because of this, winning the jackpot becomes that much easier.

Yatzy is a fantastic game and Bwin makes it exceedingly inviting. May be it's time you checked it out.