Payout Percentages in Online Slots

For any casino gambler, the general rule is - you should have made wager on casino games with higher payout percentage. The rule sounds simple however; this rule becomes meaningless for you if you do not know or cannot calculate the slots payout percentage. In case of online casinos, this is quite a big problem for gamblers because slots payout is not known for all categories of online casino games.

Payout percentage can be calculated mathematically and there are two methods to estimate payout percentage. However, it is quite unfortunate that none of these two methods works for online slots payout. The first method follows simple rule of mathematics regarding probability where the probability of outcome requires to be calculated. For games like roulette, such calculation is simple since it is known that there are 18 red numbers in the European wheel out of a total 37 numbers. Thus the probability of outcome is equal to the probability of getting a red and that is; 18/37.

You cannot determine best payout slot by using such mathematics since information required to calculate are not available in case of slot games. Even with enough information, the calculation is much more complex for slot games as there are many pay lines and winning combinations. This is why computer simulation are the only solution for estimating slots payout percentage. These computer programs are capable of handling tens of thousands deals while recording the total payouts against the total amounts wagered.

The auto play feature of the simulation allows players to find out the payout percentage in simpler manner. Player can do this in 'play for fun' mode by setting the betting option and running the auto play for maximum number of rotation. The payout percentage can be calculated from the initial and final balances as well as the total bet per spin and the number of spins. However, such method is barely accurate and you should not make your choice based on these results. Hence the most effective way to determine payout percentage is to collect them from the software developers.